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Mahesh Yogi

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68 Kloof Falls Road, Kloof, Durban, KZN, South Africa
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“…It Was Exactly What I Needed… It Was The Easiest Thing I’ve Ever Done.”
Cameron Diaz


Kavish Rajpaul
"Effortless action, effortless attraction. Much more compassion and clear thoughts. And manifesting experiences is sometimes instantaneous. Its crazy results. I look forward to meditating now, its the greatest tool for well being and connecting with the source of everything.” 
Kavish Rajpaul
Professional photographer
Shannon Jenkins
"After learning TM and practicing regularly, I found a dramatic improvement in my overall health. All the chronic ailments I had been suffering with - sinus congestion, bladder issues, migraines and even backache - almost immediately stopped. During the time I was practicing regularly, I never saw a doctor for over 18 months and never picked up any illnesses, colds or infections. I also experienced a shift in my creativity -  where I had felt stuck and unmotivated to create, I suddenly felt my creativity flowing naturally and easily - something which has yet to change."
Shannon Jenkins
Sales Manager

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About TM in Durban

This simple, effortless and easy to learn technique is being offered right on your doorstep at the Durban TM Centre. A centre which has been
successfully running for over 30 years.

A great video by celebrity teacher BOB ROTH for a clear insight into TM:

  • What TM Is
  • What TM is not
  • What happens during TM
  • How we know TM really works
  • TM’s effect on the brain
  • The natural tendency of the mind
  • What a mantra is
  • Where TM came from
  • How TM is different
  • Why TM works for everyone

Upcoming Courses, Events & Activities at our TM Centre in Durban